Viking Shooters is run by Douglas Tellef, a Firearms Instructor and United States Practical Shooting Association / International Practical Shooting Confederation (USPSA and IPSC) Shooter, out of Southern California.  He currently competes in Open and Limited Divisions of USPSA, where he has taken 1st Place in Divison/Class in many matches in California and ranked "High Law Enforcement" shooter in Limited Division at the 2016 Area 2 Championship.

​Doug is currently shooting a custom hand built STI 2011 in Limited division, built by Viking Shooter's Gun Smith, Adam Tellef, Owner of Working Title Firearms, out of Arizona, and a SV Infinity 2011 in Open Division.  He is currently sponsored by: Shooters Connection, FrogLube, Side Kick Mounts, and Patch Me Up.  

As with his cousin, Doug, Adam Tellef has grown up highly involved in the firearms community.  He is now Viking Shooters Gun Smith/Genius... and has recently created several 100% custom built guns that rival many major builders but at a tiny fraction of the price and with delivery in a couple months instead of 1.5 years!   As a son of a Law Enforcement Officer he was always used to seeing firearms around, however, because of a proper upbringing he never thought about them as a scary, weird, or forbidden thing with an allure to play with.  Instead he saw them for the tool that they are, and learned to respect the beauty in the engineering in them.  He became a gun smith and has created numerous hand fitted top of the line custom firearms as well as some very rare recreations of some of the worlds most amazing guns!  He has rescently been convinced by Doug to step out from behind the work bench and get into competition, and just like the dedication he pours into his creations he turned that into his shooting, earning a place on the podium in his first Major USPSA match!

Brian Tellef is a born and raised competitor in every aspect of his life, this soon to be 9 year old is not only in training to be a future world champion shooter, but is also highly involved in competition gymnastics, and scores high marks in all of his school work.  He first started coming out to USPSA competition matches with Doug when he was 6, learning weapons safety, as well as scoring, rules of competition, respect, and teamwork.  He has moved into shooting a  .22 pistol and an occasional 9mm at a non movement range, and a WE Hi Cappa 2011 airsoft pistol that has been modified to accept an optic and mount for movement training.  Viking Shooters is designing him a custom .22 2011 for competion and we expect him to graduate from that soon and begin winning titles FAST!